Next Production – Bromance: the Dudesical

A really exciting new piece of musical theatre written by New York’s Ewalt and Walker ( This production was workshopped at The Studio in Henley-on-Thames and is now heading for a run at The Other Palace, London in October 2018.

Like an awesome buddy movie come to life, Bromance reveals a world of Beer, Brotherhood, and Brocabulary. Bromance follows the comic misadventures of a group of friends after one fateful St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago. When Marty, a lonely IT guy who is new to town, meets Tom, Dick and Harry, he desperately wants to be a part of their clique. Amused by his naiveté, Dick decides to take Marty under his wing, but first convinces his friends, Harry and Tom, to teach Marty Brotocol, aka the rules, joys, and importance of being a real bro.

 In order to prove his loyalty, the boys take Marty on a series of dudeventures, which get progressively crazier and more and more dangerous. Dick and Marty quickly develop a tight bond, and much to Dick’s surprise, a bromance begins to blossom. Dick even helps Marty stand up to his controlling ex-girlfriend, Betsy, and find romance with Sanchez, a sexy poker dealer nicknamed the She-Bro. But Marty and Dick’s friendship makes Tom and Harry jealous. The Bromance begins to tear the other bros apart, and everyone, including Marty, feels the strains of Dick’s adrenaline junkie ways when he insists that they all go skydiving and reenact his favorite scene from the quintessential bro movie, Point Break. When Dick pushes too far, the boys break Brotocol and fight for the first time in their lives. As the Super Bowl quickly approaches, Marty has to enlist Tom’s fiancé, Coleen, to help bring the gang back together and remind them what being in a Brodom really means.

Auditions – 29th and 31st August in London. For character breakdown and more information on auditioning get in touch.

Tickets from £15. VIP packages available

A taster of the show from concert version performed in New York